The Intergraph

A new information megapolis is being constructed along the banks of the old Information Superhighway, 1000x more powerful than anything the Internet has seen so far.Welcome to a new kind of knowledge economy.

Knowledge Economics

A Social Knowledge Graph for the Internet that serves everyone fairly and transparently, The Intergraph is a user-owned-and-operated Human-AI-Collective that empowers everyone to contribute and monetize their knowledge and experience across Internet platforms.

Social Data

How much more powerful is data when it is collectively created, collectively owned, and collectively monetized?

Social Profit

Why not co-create exponentially more revenue and profit through massively decentralized commerce and value creation?

Social Capital

Why not leverage programmable embedded finance to grow entire graphs of cash flows across communities of humans and AI?

Telegraph -> Intergraph

The Intergraph is a force multiplier and a rocket ship for the mind.Just as the telegraph amplified humanity by empowering communication across great distances, the Intergraph is a new type of exchange mechanism that amplifies Global Collective Intelligence.

Hyper Local

Think Global, Act Local with the Intergraph. No matter where you are located, you're able to participate both in your own local economy, but also across the global economy, through content and community.

Hyper Personal

The Intergraph enables a new type of Ambient Computing, powered by advanced personalization driven not just by data and algorithms but also by cooperative networks of sensors, people, communities, and AIs.

Intergraph Agents

The Intergraph is built on an open programmable events-driven platform that allows fully-and semi-autonomous agents to work on behalf of their owners to co-create value with other Intergraph users and AI agents.

Built for consumers, by prosumers.
As in, for people, by people.



  • Free: empowering memberships and freemium business models along with auth and roles

  • Invisible: users don't need to know of The Intergraph unless network operators expose it to members

  • Cooperative: enables collaborative win/win business models for the Internet economy

  • Accounts: accounts are free without transaction and payments capabilities



  • Commerce: empowering marketplaces and market networks with true social market economics

  • Growth: enables hypergrowth strategies through Multilevel B2B2C Incentive Payouts

  • Finance: embedded finance empowers investors with regenerative social finance models

  • Accounts: accounts are $1 per month with full buy/sell/cosell capabilities for monetization


Platform Pricing for Businesses: Contact Sales

Plug in, drop out

The Internet is a stateless protocol, and has no memory of its own.The existing tech platforms have taken advantage of this to store and monetize user data for themselves. Instead of a global village where everyone would prosper, we got an extremely fragmented Internet controlled by the tech elite.The Intergraph unifies this division and creates (once again) an interconnected and interoperable network that empowers users to, directly and indirectly, monetize their knowledge and experience.The Intergraph is the basis for a fair and transparent Internet economy that works for everyone.Read more: The Intergraph for the Internet

The Commerce Intergraph

An example of applying The Intergraph is a model of real social commerce that benefits entire communities of members that contribute to organizations. The Coseller Protocol is the world's first large-scale effort to bring this to the decentralized web3 world, while Shoptype brings to life the Commerce Intergraph for web1 and web2 Internet platforms.

Learn about our early adopters at Coseller Protocol, at Shoptype Capital, and at Shoptype.

Thank you!

Get ready for new Internet business models, powered by cooperation and collaboration, cheers! ☀️🚀

Thoughts on the Intergraph

The Intergraph for the Internet

Jan 13, 2023: Just as the telegraph amplified humanity by empowering communication across great distances, the Intergraph is a new type of broadcast mechanism that amplifies Global Collective Intelligence. Read more.